OC2: Table of Contents

Table of Contents
OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance
Edited by Mx Chris Paige

Foreword by the Rev Victoria Kolakowski (retired)
Preface by Mx Chris Paige
Introduction by Mx Chris Paige

Section 1: Claiming Our Voices
A collection of ground-breaking reflections:

Gender Diversity and Christian Community” by Virginia Mollenkott
Body and Soul United” by Erin Swenson 
Holy Week” by Cameron Partridge
OtherWise” by Chris Paige 
Every Body is Good. You’re Welcome.” by Donovan Ackley III 
Holy Hybrids” by Louis Mitchell

Section 2: Resistance and Resilience
Additional reflections on life and scripture:

Finding My Freedom” by Ryan Amir Harris 
In the Beginning” by Mycroft Masada 
Songs of Struggle, Songs of Resilience” by Debra Hopkins
The Ethiopian Eunuch and Me” by Mir Plemmons 
Wrestling Like Jacob” by Victoria Kolakowski 
Discipleship” by RJ Robles 
An Encounter at Guadalupe” by delfin bautista 
Transfiguration” by Merrick Moses 
Unexpected” by Jessica Henrich 
Courage to Heal” by Yadi Martinez 
Reclaiming: A Body in Prayer” by Bobbi Taylor 
A Prayer to Begin My Day” by Bobbi Taylor 
Womanist” by Diamond Stylz 
Affirmation” by Dee Dee Watters 
Finding Myself in Community” by Enzi Tanner 
Light in the Darkness” by Z Shane Zaldivar 
Doctrine” by Nick Manchester 
Living at the Intersection” by Carla Robinson

Section 3: Resisting the Stories They Tell about Us
Encounters with erasure and antagonistic arguments:

Resurrected Bodies” by Lianne Simon
Dear Pastor” by Rebecca Kerns 
A Revelation” by Mykal Shannon 
Balance” by KimiFloyd
Phoenix Bones” by Caedmon Grace 

Afterword by Mx Chris Paige

Appendix: What is OtherWise-gendered?

OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance will launch on March 31, 2020. Pre-orders are currently available on Amazon (ebook) and through the publisher.

During the month of March, you can also get autographed copies of OtherWise Christian, Christian Faith and Gender Identity, and In Remembrance of Me, Bearing Witness to Transgender Tragedy at regular retail prices, with your pre-order of OtherWise Christian 2!

You can join in the excitement about “Stories of Resistance” by “claiming your story!” Use the #SacredOtherWise hash tags on social media:

(or your own variation!)

You are especially encouraged to use these hashtags on #TransgenderDayOfVisibility / #TDOV on March 31, 2020!

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