OtherWise Christian 4: Intersex in God’s Image

Mx Chris Paige and Ms Lianne Simon are collaborating on a new OtherWise Christian anthology which we hope to release in 2021. Tentatively titled, OtherWise Christian 4: Intersex in God’s Image, this volume will center the experiences of people with intersex variations and how they have encountered Christian tradition (for better or worse). 

Anticipated contributors (so far): Kay Lynn Pruiett (“Love Is a Choice”), Donovan Ackley III (“A Jesus-Living Yogi”), Mir Plemmons, Nick Manchester, Lianne Simon

Contributions will generally be between 1000 and 2500 words.

Please contact otherwise.christian@gmail.com (or by other contact information you may have for either Lianne or Chris)

We hope to include contributors with a wide range of intersex variations. However, each contributor will get to frame their intersex experience as he/she/they see fit. Contributors do not have to identify as Christian or embrace Christianity in order to be considered. Personal writing styles may vary, but accessibility for a general audience is essential. 

We are looking primarily for personal stories, reflections, and wisdom-sharing that will help others to better understand the lives of people with intersex variations. Biblical reflections, sermons, poetry, and other creative offerings are welcome if congruent with our theme.  Contributions do not have to be “stories of faith,” nor do they have to include “Intersex 101” pleasantries.

As with previous OtherWise Christian volumes, we understand that Christian text, tradition, and communities have often caused harm, even as they also have been resources for faithful resilience. We expect that a diverse range of contributors will share from struggles and successes, from conservative as well as liberal points of view, from “straight” and “queer” orientations. Contributors may reflect on politics, culture, medicine, literature, or even how they escaped Christian indoctrination.

Questions about how your experience might fit in? We are open to brainstorming with you if you need some assistance finding your voice for this project. If you want to offer something more scholarly or argumentative, please inquire with us to see how such an offering might fit into the overall project.

Are you an artist? Cover art is yet to be determined. Inquiries and inspirations are welcome!