OtherWise Christian: MORE Stories of Resistance

OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance came together quickly — in the 9 months following my launch of OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation. I am proud of OtherWise Christian 2 as a break-through in OtherWise-gendered representation — and will also quickly admit that it left some important gaps.

As I write this, we have released official calls for OtherWise Christian 3 and OtherWise Christian 4. We have not started work actively soliciting for a “More Stories of Resistance” volume, but it is definitely something we expect will happen in time.

“Stories of Resistance” are usually 1000-2500 words with an emphasis on lived experience, as well as some kind of connection to scripture (or perhaps to Christian tradition more generally). For OtherWise Christian 2, I really just invited an array of my friends and colleagues to “write about your life” and then “make some connection” to scripture. There is no need for your story to be particularly scholarly or innovative in terms of biblical interpretation.

Our “Stories of Resistance” approach might be considered “narrative theology” since the emphasis is on sharing your story, complete with all the rough edges, awkward tension points, and blessed Holy Hybrid in-between-ness. No. You do not even have to identify as “Christian” to be included.

We want a “next” volume to move the conversation forward, so we are especially looking to include some of the identities that were missing in OtherWise Christian 2. A formal call for contributions will wait until we have made some progress on addressing some of those gaps:

  • Low and no disclosure submissions can be included anonymously or pseudonymously (i.e. with a pen name).
  • Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern representation are especially desired, as well as encounters with Islam and indigenous traditions around the world.
  • I would love to be able to offer a more global collection that shows how OtherWise-gendered resistance operates in cultures and contexts beyond the United States and Canada.
  • However, all are welcome!

If you want to explore your ideas, please contact us at otherwise.christian@gmail.com.

Looking forward!