OC2: Ms Lianne Simon

I knew that my Redeemer loved me, and that was enough for me. Nothing was impossible for God.

Ms. Lianne Simon in
“Resurrected Bodies”
OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance

OtherWise Christian 2 v. 3

Lianne’s chapter in OtherWise Christian 2 grapples with the stories people tell about the resurrection–and what her intersex body might look like in that season. In the process, we learn about her childhood, her faith, and her conviction about God’s love.

I am proud that we have 5 authors with intersex variations in this anthology– and will hopefully be compiling more stories in future volumes.

Lianne’s chapter, “Resurrected Bodies,” will appear in OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance (March 2020) from OtherWise Engaged Publishing.

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Lianne Simon is a Christian housewife and the author of several young adult novels with intersex main characters. She is also one of the co-founders of Intersex and Faith, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help communities of faith minister to those born with a body that is not entirely male or female. They hope to accomplish that via advocacy, education, and support.

Join the resistance in support of people with intersex variations! Led by the five intersex authors in OtherWise Christian 2, you can add your own #IntersexAffirming sign on social media. Possible hashtags include:

#NoBodyIsShameful (credit: the Interface Project)
#IntersexStories (credit: Pidgeon Pagonis)
#InterPhobiaIsASin (variation on TransPhobiaIsASin)

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We are also using #ClaimYourStory and #ClaimingOurStories to encourage celebration of our stories of faith and resistance.


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