#TransphobiaIsASin campaign (2020)

Tomorrow!! Wednesday, January 15, 2020 is the day! This is the second #TransphobiaIsASin campaign, launched by J Mase III and Lady Dane Edidi as a part of their development of the Black Trans Prayer Book!

According to the Gran Varones blog:

Last year, over 600 people from at least 6 countries on 3 continents participated in the inaugural digital media action #TransphobiaIsASin. … #TransphobiaIsASin is direct response to the trauma Trans people have experienced in religious settings.

There is a great interview with J Mase III. Speaking about how the campaign emerged:

There was a day when we were talking to a group of other Black & Brown Trans folks and someone said, “Oh, I could never support a project like that because I have too much religious trauma.” And we were like, “That is exactly the point.” We have been doing this project BECAUSE Black & Brown Trans folks have religious and spiritual based trauma they do not deserve and should have tools to heal from. This action gave us space to engage more Trans folks and solidarity partners on our right to disrupt and heal from religious and/or spiritual based violence and harm. What we know is that religious violence turns into familial violence, domestic violence, sexual violence and political violence. Disrupting that, means cutting off white supremacist and transantagonist theologies at the root. This is one way we have been working to do just that.

Join in solidarity!

To participate in this campaign, just take a picture of your self holding a sign with one of these (or a similar phrase):

  • Transphobia is a sin
  • Transphobia is haram
  • Trans people are divine
  • Trans people exist because our ancestors existed.

And please don’t argue about your artistic skills! Transfaith even made adult coloring pages last year. Social media solidarity does not have to be complicated.

To join the campaign, it is important to use the hashtag #TransphobiaIsASin because that is how people will find you! But you can also use additional tags that may help the campaign to be seen by others. Some that I like include:

  • #FaithfullyLGBT
  • #FaithfullyTrans
  • #YouAreLoved
  • #OtherWiseChristian
  • #SacredOtherWise

Post your picture on Wednesday, January 15, 2020! It’s that easy.

I will be reposting pics on my social media, especially from folk connected to Transfaith and OtherWise Engaged Publishing. I hope to see you there!

This post was compiled by Mx Chris Paige on January 14, 2020.

Note: This blog is intended to be an on-going work in progress. Please contact us if you have additions, corrections, or concerns.