OC2: Mr Enzi Tanner

To me, life is all about the search for my most authentic self, but it took me a while before I came to understand that things like gender or religion could change.

Enzi Tanner in
“Finding Myself in Community”
OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance

OtherWise Christian 2 v. 3

Enzi Tanner writes in his chapter of OtherWise Christian 2 about surviving ex-gay ministry and eventually finding a home in Judaism. We do not need to settle for that which we are assigned at birth, if our authenticity calls us to move into a different way of being.

Enzi’s chapter, “Finding Myself in Community,” will appear in OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance (forthcoming spring 2020) from OtherWise Engaged Publishing.

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Enzi Tanner is a Black, American Jew. Professionally, Enzi works as a social worker working with families experiencing homelessness. When Enzi is not working or studying, he spends his time cooking or hanging out with friends and their children. Enzi believes life is a journey that is best lived through exploration, curiosity, and wonder. He has committed his life to community organizing in areas of intersections, in particular where issues of race, gender, sexuality, faith, and economic justice collide.

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