Guest post: #SacredOtherWise #ShelterInGrace

Guest post by Chaplain Mir Plemmons (#ShelterInGrace #SacredOtherWise)

My siblings in faith and grace,

We need your help reaching out to those who are suffering in isolation during this time.

Across our countries and around our world, people are sheltering in place–and many of those places lack grace for the realizations of one’s true identity. Clarity about one’s identity may come in the midst of such seasons when we have a lot of time to think.

It is in precisely a time like this that I, an intersex person who felt forced to pass female, realized that I could no longer–in honesty, integrity, self-understanding–do so. I was housebound for a month with a concussion. At 49, I discovered that I could no longer ignore that truth that I was presenting the wrong direction. Because I had already been a chaplain among the BLTGQUIAetc communities, I had grace for myself.

Today, there are teens and children shut in with families who tell them they are abominations, that God hates them. This is not a theoretical. I have been talking with one–trying to keep him from despair by affirming who he is and reminding him that he is not alone..

Today, there are teens and even adults shut in with their thoughts, wondering what and who they really are–with those same messages swirling around their heads: that they are abominations and that God hates them.

When they start searching online, we must make every effort to speak grace into their situations. We can be the #ShelterInGrace that they need during this time–as they learn their inner truths during this time of physical isolation.

PLEASE join us in creating videos affirming the sacredness of ALL of us.

Thank you!

Mir Plemmons

Here’s what we are asking…

1 – Keep it short, so people can browse easily. We want to make it easy to find a community of support online. This is not a sermon. This is a quick encouragement. Not more than 2 minutes. You can link to additional content in the description and/or comments.

2 – Cut to the chase. Make sure you get to your specific affirmation of gender transcendent people in the first 30 seconds.

3 – Be specific. We are especially looking to help people break out of the abusive Christian narratives about OtherWise-gendered folk–transgender, non-binary, intersex, two spirit, and more. Of course, other kinds of affirmations are also good to be putting into the world! [Not Christian? Please see this followup]

4 – Post on social media and tag your video with #ShelterInGrace and #SacredOtherWise. Additional tags might include #TransAndSacred, #IntersexAndSacred, #NonBinaryAndSacred, or other variations of specific affirmation. There are lots to choose from! #FaithfullyTrans, #FaithfullyIntersex, #NoBodyIsShameful, #YouAreNotAMistake, #YouAreLoved, #URLoved, #TransPhobiaIsASin, #TransAntagonismIsASin

5 – Let us know! We are creating a playlist (maybe more than one!) at OtherWise Christian on YouTube. If you need help getting your video onto YouTube, please contact or contact us via social media.

The #ShelterInGrace video playlist is below and will be updated as new offerings come in! The first 6 offerings emerged organically from the OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance launch party.

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