Shifting Gears

So, it has been interesting trying to launch a book in this time of isolation and global upheaval, of disruption and global connectedness.

I was asked to relaunch my #YouAreLoved series on my personal page. I started playing with technology during our Launch Party for OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance. Meanwhile, I’ve been connecting with the Drew Theological School (seminary) community in preparation for the beginning of my first degree program in 25 years–and finally realized that I am less than a year away from the 25 year anniversary of my (first) ordination (as Presbyterian elder).

Meanwhile, I have been finishing off preparations for Jonathon Thunderword’s first book, From Christendom to Freedom: Journey-Making with a Black Trans Elder, which has been a bit of an “earworm” for my deeply multi-faith heart. Mir Plemmons, himself recovering from COVID-19, called for support for our young people through our #ShelterInGrace campaign. I have been talking with friends and colleagues, not just about writing chapters and books (though there is that), but also about illness, frustration, fear, and what it means to be in this quirkier than usual time of ministry.

I plan to continue using this blog, my own books, and my OtherWise Christian social media to make offerings specifically toward decolonizing Christian tradition and celebrating the #SacredOtherWise who are apparent within Christian communities–past, present, and future.

However, I am also feeling a strong pull toward elaborating my multi-faith inclinations, highlighting the ways that OtherWise Engaged Publishing extends far beyond Christian tradition, and beginning in earnest to vision an Order of OtherWise. Right now, I want to start by posting more on my personal Facebook page with experiences that are not so Christian focused. You’ll also find books launching at OtherWise Engaged Publishing on Facebook.

To witness that evolution, you’ll want to follow my personal page and maybe adjust your notification settings so Facebook will tell you when I post something–which is touch and go if you only like the page. There will probably be further updates on such evolutions here, but they will also be occasional in terms of those broader themes.

Compiled by Mx Chris Paige on April 19, 2020. This blog is a work in progress. Please be in touch if you have comments or concerns!

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