Transgender and Religious Curriculum Guide

I’m looking over past blog entries and realizing that I didn’t yet have a landing page for curriculum options. I’ve already posted about several options, but there are more that I’ll be adding as this isn’t yet a complete list! Most (but not all) of these are oriented toward Christian audiences. I would love to learn about additional resources to support conversation in other traditions!

Transgender Audio/Visual Resources

Intersex-Specific Audio/Visual Curriculum

  • Stories of Intersex and Faith (still new and available by arrangement, created with a religiously conservative audience in mind)
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Scripture and the New Science of Gender (summary pending)

Books with Discussion Guides

Devotional Style Resources

We’ve heard of some groups using short devotional style readings to shape a simple weekly or daily discussion.

More (Text-based) Resources

Compiled by Mx Chris Paige on July 8, 2021. Please be in touch with corrections and updates. This blog is a work in progress!

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