Transformative Inclusion, 2017 and 2019

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLGS) at Pacific School of Religion has been working on transgender concerns since the early Transgender Religious Leaders Summits (circa 2006). The Latinx Roundtable, Jewish Roundtable, African-American Roundtable, Asian and Pacific Islander Roundtable, and Transgender Roundtable have provided leadership for a variety of events and resources. Justin Tanis and Jakob Hero have provided some of the most prominent transgender leadership, including around these resources.

They have produced two booklets titled Transformative Inclusionone with Christian perspectives (2017) and one with Jewish perspectives (2019). Each guide is 24 pages long, uses mostly the same pictures, and follows the same outline.  They each provide an accessible introduction to issues to be aware of in developing transgender inclusion at the congregational level, though I was surprised to see the word “transgenderism” used prominently.

While there is no facilitation guide, the four sections of discussion questions (12 questions total), the resource could be used by an individual or to lead a group discussion. The text touches on a number of key issues around identity, etiquette, and inclusion for faith communities.

  • Introduction
  • Becoming a Trans-Inclusive Community
    • Welcome for All
    • Diversity of Trans Experiences
    • The Language of Inclusion
    • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
    • Inclusion of Identities
    • Highlight: Nicole’s Story for the Christian version, Talia’s Story for the Jewish version
    • Discussion Questions (3)
  • Scripture
    • Bible for the Christian version: Genesis, Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Matthew, Acts, Faithfully Reading the Bible, Discussion Questions (3)
    • Torah and Talmud for the Jewish version: Genesis, Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Talmud, Engaging Jewish Tradition, Discussion Questions (3)
  • Welcoming Trans People
    • When is the best time to become more inclusive?
    • Transformation in the Pulpit and Social Hall (Christian Version) or Transformation on the Bima and in the Social Hall (Jewish Version)
    • Highlight: Personal vignette from a leader (Jakob Hero for Christian version, Jane Rachel Litman for the Jewish version)
    • Gaining Clarity
    • Supporting Pronouns Diversity
    • Highlight: Identity is not a “preference”
    • Highlight: Keeping previous names in the past
    • Curiosity and Appropriate Boundaries
    • Discussion Questions (3)
  • Standing with Transgender People
    • Violence
    • Discrimination
    • What can people of faith do? (Christian version) or How can people help? (Jewish version)
    • Other Vital steps you can take
    • Highlight: Transgender people and bathroom use
    • Discussion Questions (3)
  • Conclusion

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Compiled by Mx Chris Paige on July 10, 2021. Please be in touch with feedback and corrections. This blog is a work in prgoress!

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