Podcast: Blessed Are the Binary-Breakers

In these strange times and as I come down off of the intensity of 3 book launches this year (In Remembrance of Me, Bearing Witness to Transgender Tragedy, OtherWise Christian 2: Stories of Resistance, and From Christendom to Freedom), I am finally getting my technology organized for listening to podcasts more regularly.

In addition to my long-time favorite Bible Bash, I have started listening to the Blessed are the Binary-Breakers podcast. The first episode features the podcaster, Avery Smith, themself (interviewed by their partner), but then most of the following episodes are lovely interviews with a variety of transgender folk of various spiritual backgrounds.

Avery is not afraid to wade into issues of complexity from race to religious oppression with sensitivity. Avery is curating a wonderful trans-centered resource very much akin to the work of Transfaith through the years — though clearly tapping the questions of a generation of millenials that are coming of age with different kinds of technology and access to interfaith resources.

Avery Smith is a graduate of Louisville Seminary and describes themself as a genderqueer, Catholic turned Presbyterian.

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