Transfaith Online, 1999

TransFaith Online began as a personal project of Mx Chris Paige in 1999.

The launch of TransFaith Online was a critical turn in networking for transgender Christians–an early step in what I am calling the “transgender spring.” Despite many years of neglect, TransFaith Online eventually became the #1 Google search result for “transgender Christian.”

Chris had begun exploring their gender identity and sought out relevant resources through so-called LGBT Christian national organizations. While this was before Google and Facebook, Chris was working for The Other Side magazine and was well-aware of the emergent network of ecumenical organizing.

Unfortunately, the websites of these varied organizations (that had recently moved from “lesbian and gay” language to “LGBT” language) rarely had any actual content relating to transgender identity or experience. Even direct emails to the organizations inquiring who to talk to mostly came up empty.

Through some networking and ample time spent on the Yahoo search engine, Chris did compile some resources. Notable contributors included:

  • Dr. Rebecca Allison
  • Mr. Barb Greve
  • Rev. Erin Swenson
  • Dr. Deirdre McCloskey
  • Rachel Miller

Once such resources were compiled, Chris went back to those LGBT Christian organizations and invited them to link to TransFaith Online as an easy way to point visitors to some transgender specific content. Many did.

The site included some general resources:

  • Why TransFaith?
  • Understanding Trans Issues
  • A Basic Trans Glossary
  • More Basic Articles to help you Understand TransFolk
  • Other Sites of Interest

Additional sections began to wade into the complex array of personal and community issues facing people of transgender experience.

  • Defining Ourselves (Discovering Ourselves. Naming. Claiming our Personal Power)
  • The Struggle (Internal Conflicts. Suicide. Finding Peace.)
  • On Being Gifted (Sacred Trans Gifts. Cherishing Ourselves. The Wisdom We Bear. Pride)
  • Faith Reflections (Theological responses. Theological empowerment.)
  • Dealing with People (Communicating. Reaching Out. Understanding Others. Caring for Ourselves.)
  • On Family (Stories. Communicating. Dispelling Myths.)
  • Life in the Church (Scripture. Struggles and Joys in Church Community. Networking for Trans Safe Churches)
  • Transitions (Making the journey home.)
  • OtherWise Elders and Saints (Sacred Trans folks… drawing on a variety of spiritual traditions)
  • A TransFaith Bibliography

Compiled by Mx. Chris Paige in October 2018.

Note: This blog is intended to be an on-going work in progress. Please contact us if you have corrections or are able to contribute further context or reflections.

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