OtherWise Ambassador: Rev Louis Mitchell

OtherWise Christian Ambassadors are transgender (or OtherWise) Christians who are available in your local area to share both OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Liberation and their own stories and testimonies. I believe that books are important, but our communities also need the opportunity to be in real-life community with folk who can tell their own stories.

Louis Mitchell wrote the forward for OtherWise Christian, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he is also an OtherWise Ambassador! He also authorized to sell copies of the book and you ought to have him sign his forward (though he tries to be shy about that).

Rev Louis Mitchell is frequently in Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Southern California. He travels frequently, so be in touch to find out more about his availability. Reach out to invite him into your community. You’ll be supporting me, the book, and his ministry.

Don’t forget to compensate him for his time with you, if he’s leading an event or preaching in your congregation. His time and expertise are valuable.

The Rev. Louis Mitchell is a pioneering “intentional man,” elder, and advocate, who serves as the Executive Director for Transfaith. Louis has been involved in the fight for health, respect and self-determination since the late 1980s, with deep engagement in political, mental health, recovery, and black church contexts.

Full Bio of Louis Mitchell
from Transfaith’s website

Here’s what Rev Mitchell has to say about OtherWise Christian:

I feel less alone after reading OtherWise Christian. I feel seen, sought, valued… and LOVED. It is my hope and prayer that this book lands in every progressive seminary, every house of worship that seeks to understand and embrace the deep diversity of God’s creation, and in libraries where our young people may find it.

Louis Mitchell
Forward to OtherWise Christian

You can read his entire Forward to OtherWise Christian on this blog…

One of the many honors Rev Louis has received included this homage to his work:

Thank you, Rev Mitchell, for your work and witness! I am so glad to have you as a part of #TeamOtherWise.

With gratitude,

Mx Chris Paige

P.S. Are you a transgender (or OtherWise) Christian who is interested in being an OtherWise Christian ambassador in your area? Please reach out and let’s talk about it!

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