OtherWise Self-Defense, live chat and online course (weekly)

One of my goals with OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation was to provide resources for self-defense against Christian trans-antagonism. However, the title, “OtherWise Christian” and my emphasis on the (Christian) Bible can get in the way–especially for those who have been most abused by Christian supremacy and trans-antagonism.

Nonetheless, I believe that this content is an important resource and I want to share it widely, especially with those who have been most impacted by Christian supremacy and trans-antagonism. So this fall, I will begin gathering folk online and moving through OtherWise Christian one chapter at a time–talking about concepts from the book and how they relate to Christian supremacy and transgender experience.

OtherWise Self-Defense will be framed as a “self-defense course” for those who live in or have been impacted by Christian supremacist culture. Christians and Non-Christians are both welcome, though the only “spiritual” frame will be about remembering our (tr)ancestors who have been brutalized by Christian supremacy and reductive gender ideologies. This will NOT be a “reconcile your faith” course or even a “Bible study” in the traditional sense.

Wednesday Nights, 8pm Eastern
via ZOOM phone/video conference
Covering one chapter per week
No Book Required
Beginning September 18, 2019

Tentative 2019 Schedule
Tentative 2020 Schedule (TBA)

I will to start teaching from the book on Wednesday nights, starting September 18, 2019 at 8pm Eastern. The sessions will be live on Zoom, so you can connect via phone or internet. Thank you to Transfaith for providing the technology.

You do not need to have the book in order to benefit from this course, but participants do have access to a 20% discount on the book, if they want to purchase it. I plan to continue for at least 25 weeks–though I reserve the right to adjust times or skip a week here or there for logistical reasons around living my life or other conflicts.

There are three ways to connect:

Option 1: The live sessions will be free. I won’t even require an email address (unless we get trolls and I need to adjust somehow). I’ll put the information on my OtherWise Christian social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can also join the OtherWise Self-Defense Facebook group.

Join Zoom Meeting

Dial by your location
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 522 477 564
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/acccuYV4Uu

Option 2: I will be recording the live sessions and archiving them in a Ruzuku courseroom (thank you to Transfaith!). If you want access to this archive as well as email reminders and additional notes about related resources and opportunities, then the course will be available for a $25 one-time registration fee. That $25 will get you more than 25 weeks of content.

Option 3: If you already have OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Liberation and you are one of the first five public book reviews on an online site, then just let me know and I will give you a coupon to get into the Ruzuku course for free!

Originally, I was thinking about doing a 25-session personal study guide. I was also thinking about an abridged version of the book with a focus on self-defense–and that book may yet happen in the future. Meanwhile, I am eager to discuss the book sooner rather than later, so I want to get this party started!!

Compiled by Mx. Chris Paige on September 2, 2019.

Note: This blog is intended to be an on-going work in progress. Please contact us if you have corrections or concerns.

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