OtherWise Christian (2019) Table of Contents

Table of Contents (abridged)

Forward by the Rev. Louis Mitchell


Section 1: Getting Started

Chapter 1 Practicing Safer Spirit/uality (Choose Life)
Chapter 2 On (OtherWise) Transgender Liberation
Chapter 3 Gender Diversity in Historical Context

Section 2: Creation

Chapter 4 Sex, Gender, Science, and Arguments from Natural Law
Chapter 5 In the Beginning…?
Chapter 6 Queerly Created in the Image of God (Genesis 1:27)
Chapter 7 The Earth Creature(s) (Genesis 2:18–25)

Section 3: Clobber Passages

Chapter 8 Biblical Self-Defense
Chapter 9 Cross-dressing and Drag (Deuteronomy 22:5)
Chapter 10 Crushed Testicles and Transgender Women (Deuteronomy 23:1)

Section 4: Eunuchs, Eunuchs, and More Eunuchs

Chapter 11 Of Words and Their Many Meanings
Chapter 12 Modern Day Eunuchs
Chapter 13 Blessed Is the Eunuch (Isaiah 56:1–5)
Chapter 14 Jesus and the Eunuchs (Matthew 19:11–12)
Chapter 15 Two Ethiopian Eunuchs (Jeremiah 38:1–13 and Acts 8:26–40)
Chapter 16 A Flock of Eunuchs
Chapter 17 Eunuchs for the Sake of the Kingdom

Section 5: OtherWise Jewish Traditions

Chapter 18 Torah Study
Chapter 19 Joseph(ine) (Genesis 37–50)
Chapter 20 Virile Women and Trans-Masculine Experience
Chapter 21 Resident Aliens and Feeling Different

Section 6: OtherWise Christian Traditions

Chapter 22 Letters of Liberation (Galatians 3:28)
Chapter 23 Gospel-Style Resistance
Chapter 24 OtherWise Disciples and OtherWise Jesus
Chapter 25 Journey with Jesus

Epilogue: Living OtherWise Ever After


Appendix A: Sexual Orientation and the Bible

Appendix B: Reading the Bible Again

Appendix C: Christendom, White Bullshit, and the Power of Colonial Imagination

Appendix D: Poetry Is Not a Luxury