OtherWise Christian Study Guide(s)?! [UPDATED]

No, it doesn’t exist yet. YES WE HAVE ONE!

But this question was raised at one of the book launch conversations last week. I would love to do this!

That said, I might be a little too close to the material this month. I wrote more than 20 chapters of the book between mid-April and mid-July!

Here is my ask of you: Let me know how you would want to use a Study Guide! I would love to be in conversation about this.

I’m thinking the chapters are pretty dense. So there could be a longer study guide, perhaps intended for individual use, that might go chapter by chapter.

We might also need a shorter group discussion guide that would go section by section (there are 6 sections). *** This is where we started! *** It is intended to support group discussion and Bible study. You can also order books at a discount.

There are also themes that we could build study guides around, such as resistance, biblical self-defense, safer spirituality, anti-Semitism, or writing your own story. Ok, now I’m getting super excited to make some workbooks!!

Please let me know what kind of hopes, dreams, and brilliant ideas you might have for using OtherWise Christian! And also if you’d be willing to help create such a thing — or beta test it once it exists!

Mx Chris Paige

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