Twin Oaks Queer Gathering (August 3, Virginia)

So this is kind of weird/awesome! Only my closest family knew that I would be on vacation with my family in Virginia in early August. I was thinking about reaching out to some folk in Virginia to see if I could drum up a book reading while I was already in the area, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet…

Then last week, someone contacted me through my OtherWise Christian Facebook page and invited me to an event called the Twin Oaks Queer Gathering. This event happens to be only about an hour away from where I am going with my family!

All this to say that I will be in Louisa, Virginia on Saturday, August 3 offering a book reading from 1pm-1:30pm. It looks like there is a non-binary meet up over lunch from noon-1pm, so I may try to make that too!

This is a camping event and I’m told that I will be speaking outdoors, under a sideless, dome tent. How cool is that?!

I will be throwing a box of books in the back of my vehicle, so if you are down that way and interested in buying an autographed book (or books… ask after bulk discounts) while I am down that way, please let me know!

Mx Chris

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