OtherWise Christian Library and Bookstore Campaign

So my dream for OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation to be a resource to those who are most affected by and vulnerable to transphobia and trans-antagonism. That means making this book available in as many libraries and bookstores as possible so that anonymous seekers can find it.

[Original size] OC_ Grassroots outreachYou can help without spending a dime! Just take one of these outreach postcards and bring it with you to places where books are found near you:

  • To public libraries
  • To seminary libraries
  • To church libraries
  • To LGBT bookstores
  • To feminist bookstores
  • To other independent bookstores
  • Even to your local Barnes & Noble’s!

Librarians respond to user interest and demand! Show them the card and ask them to please carry this book. Maybe even tell them why you think it is important. Some library systems have an online form were you can make this request.

Maybe you remember what it was like to lurk in the “gay and lesbian” or “LGBT” section when you were first trying to “figure things out.” Maybe you were looking for someone to mirror your fears… or desires. Maybe you needed someone to give you permission. Maybe you just needed some reassurance that you were not alone and that life “like this” is possible.

Finding a book that would speak to Christian trans-antagonism can be a life-saver!

I took a leap of faith in self-publishing this resource. I don’t have a corporate marketing department to help me get the word out. I am counting on our grassroots communities to help us get this resource where it needs to go!

Will you come forward and help us spread this good news?

Thank you!

Mx Chris Paige

P.S. You can print your own! OC_ Library Campaign postcard

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