A Gender Not Listed Here, 2012

In OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation, I talk briefly about gender-full language and culture around the world. In chapter I mention the landmark 2008 National Transgender Discrimination Survey, which included space for respondents write in their own gender if the predefined categories were not representative (“A Gender Not Listed Here”).
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Mx Chris Paige

Mx. Chris Paige (pronouns they/them) was the publisher of The Other Side magazine when they published the ground-breaking May/June 2001 issue on transgender concerns, featuring Chris together with Virginia Mollenkott and Erin Swenson.

In 1999, Chris launched a small Angelfire (free-hosting, like GeoCities) website called “TransFaith Online” which many years later evolved into an organization called Transfaith, which is a widely known resource for transgender people of diverse spiritual and energetic practices.

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