Online Book Event: Resource Round Up, Sept 14

On Saturday, September 14, 2019, I will switch from interviewer to interviewee. I will be the guest on Transfaith’s Resource Round Up highlighting OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation.

This will be a discussion and strategy session about the book, more than a deep dive into the content of the book. We’ll also be talking a bit about the Group Discussion Guide and my newest offering, OtherWise Self-Defense (more on that later!). As a bonus, Louis Mitchell (author of the Forward) will be interviewing me!

The registration fee is $5 per person, but includes an online coupon code that will give you a 20% discount on the book if you order through OtherWise Engaged Publishing.

Compiled by Mx. Chris Paige on September 3, 2019.

Note: This blog is intended to be an on-going work in progress. Please contact us if you have corrections or are able to contribute further context or reflections.

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