Online Book Launch with Dr Virginia Mollenkott

Thanks to the Rev Terri Stewart, we will be holding an online book launch for OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation in collaboration with Methodist Manna: Online Worship for All.

Manna is an online worshiping community that welcomes, affirms, and centers queer / LGBTQIA+ voices in leadership and in practice, while working from a Wesleyan theological perspective. In addition to worship, Manna provides Bible study, spiritual support, and friendship.

I was already planning to have lunch with Dr. Virginia Mollenkott on August 1 when this invitation came. So I wondered if it might work to include her–and Dr Mollenkott agreed to host our online launch event from her apartment! We will chat online about OtherWise Christian and all that has happened since Omnigender.

This is incredibly meaningful to me because Dr Mollenkott’s book Omnigender: A Trans-Religious Approach was the first theological work addressing transgender and intersex issues from a mainline press (in 2001). Dr Mollenkott is another beloved elder from the years of CLOUT, Christian Lesbians Out Together (and before!). Dr Mollenkott lending her substantial scholarly reputation was an important part of the “transgender spring.”

Please join us! Facebook event (please invite somebody!)

The following recordings remain available:

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