Booking Events for Fall 2019

I am eager to talk about OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation and related themes! The following weekends are looking viable for me to travel beyond the immediate mid-Atlantic. I would hope to book multiple events or activities (could be with several partner organizations) on such a trip.

  • August 31-September 1 (Labor Day weekend); available in he Philadelphia area (incl. NYC, NJ or elsewhere in the region)
  • September 14 – Available in the Philadelphia area (incl. NYC, NJ or elsewhere in the region)
  • September 15 – Living Water UCC Community Day (Philadelphia, PA)
  • September 28-29 – Trans Visibility March (Washington DC) – details forthcoming
  • October 12 – Minneapolis/St Paul, MN
  • October 13 – Available in the Minneapolis/St Paul area
  • October 26-27
  • November 6-10 (5 day weekend… San Francisco/Bay Area). MCC San Francisco.
  • November 23-24
  • December 7-8
  • December 21-27 (holiday week in the Midwest)
  • Also I’m already wondering about Texas for April 4-12, 2020…

If you are in the range between NYC and Philadelphia, then you are a viable day trip for me. So, other times may also be possible (including weekdays or weeknights). I also enjoy engaging through online tools such as podcasts and Zoom encounters.

I don’t have a publisher funding my book tour or anything, so let’s talk together about how to cover travel expenses!

A standard book event includes my talking, selling, signing, and taking questions. But I would also love to do more in-depth conversations, such as leading an all day retreat where we can really dig into the content. I can do seminars, talks, or other presentations, and I also enjoy preaching!

In addition to transgender experience, the Bible, and OtherWise resistance, I’m glad to talk about non-binary experience, writing for OtherWise Christian 2, Transfaith’s 3 V’s Framework for Allies, multi-faith/tradition organizing, and more!

Please be in touch!

Mx. Chris Paige

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