Philly Book Launch Event!

I wrote a book! OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation.

We’re going to hold a book launch event at Tabernacle United Church in (University City) Philadelphia on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 starting at 6pm. This is also the eve of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, so we hope that some folk who are arriving will also be able to join us!! (Can’t do Wednesday night? How about Saturday (July 27) at Old First?)

There will be air conditioning and light refreshments, as well as books for sale for $25 each (cash, credit/debit, Cash App, and PayPal). I will be reading, speaking, responding to questions, and signing books. RSVP via the Facebook Event is appreciated so we can scale the refreshments appropriately.

It’s really sweet that Tab is going to host my first author event. I mean, first, I am grateful they are hosting. Full stop.

But this is also the congregation that first invited me to preach as a quirky 20-something college graduate. The sermons I reworked in chapter 23 of OtherWise Christian were all originally presented at Tabernacle–even the commitment ceremony charge by Patricia Pearce.

This is the community in which someone said, “Anyone need a 501(c)(3)?” resulting in my inheriting the non-profit that would become Transfaith.

These folk even ordained me an elder. This is probably the place where I learned, more than any other, that my OtherWise voice matters. These folk wanted to hear more from me long before I had the words to explain much of anything about what it meant to be OtherWise!

So, if you are within reach, I hope you will join us for this celebration of the book, but also a celebration of the community that nurtured the author. There are sure to be anecdotes and memories that come up as we are connecting in this place.

Also, if you have ideas about what you’d like me to talk about… What would make this a most excellent book launch on your mind? Drop me a comment or a note! I’ve never done this before!!!

See you Wednesday night!

Mx Chris Paige

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