OtherWise Reflection Guides

I have often said that OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation is the book that I wish I had when I was first exploring my gender. However, it has also occurred to me that it might have been “too much” to try to look at every relevant scripture all at once.

I might have wanted something smaller and more reflective to help me explore my very first questions and find my way. Christian Faith and Gender Identity is just such a resource. This is a different kind of transgender 101, with scripture, definitions, reflection questions, notes on additional resources. Meanwhile, the appendix of “psalms for the journey” provides an entirely different mode of experience.

Additional OtherWise Reflection Guides are anticipated!

In Remembrance of Me, Bearing Witness to Transgender Tragedy, the second release in the series, will provide a helpful introduction to dealing with transgender tragedy, from Transgender Day of Remembrance to your own mental health. Due out soon!

  • Proceeds from In Remembrance of Me will go to the Minister Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Fund to support the leadership of Black transgender women.

Next up, we are working on Christian Culture, Junk Theology, and Transgender Lives as a way to respond to frequently asked questions that emerge from Christian culture, not the Bible. Each OtherWise reflection guide will be an inexpensive option designed to resource group discussion and personal reflection.